6 Questions To Ask A Plumbing Contractor Before Deciding To Hire

Got some broken plumbing that needs fixing? Save yourself the trouble of getting down and dirty, fixing pipes you can barely reach. You’re better off hiring a plumbing contractor. Why? First off, you’re saving yourself from the hassle of doing a taxing and physically demanding task. And it doesn’t end there if things go horribly wrong. That’s why the better decision would be to get a plumber. Gold Coast plumbers are quite talented and you’ll never make the mistake of choosing them. But before you go any further, you should first ask the plumber a couple of things including the questions below:

1. Do You Have A License? – This question just begs to be asked. It’s somewhat mandatory to ask any contractor if they have a valid license to operate their trade. It might now be that often that you can encounter hiring a plumber that does not have a license, but some do work without proper certification. Although a simple step, but asking for a license will ensure that your plumbing is in good hands. If you ask the problem with hiring an unlicensed plumber, it’s the possibility that their work might not pass certain inspections.

2. How Much Will The Repairs Actually Cost? – While some contractors charge a fixed fee, some might have some hidden charges that you should be wary about. Don’t settle with a quote that you just got over the phone. Most of the time, a professional plumber will check the job out before giving out an estimate.

3. Will I Be Paying For A Flat Rate Or An Hourly Rate? – A flat rate will, most of the time, be the best for the homeowner. Given the fixed rate, the homeowner will pay once for the job. An hourly rate, on the other hand, will sometimes cost the homeowner a lot more. If ever the job takes longer than expected, the homeowner would be forced to pay for the extended man hours.

4. When Do I Have To Pay? – If the plumber demands 100% upfront payment before the job even starts, you might want to look elsewhere for another contractor. It will be best for any homeowner to have win-win payment terms. A “milestone” system is one of the best. The homeowner only pays the contractor when a significant piece of work has been done. This is the reason why it helps to discuss all the details with the plumber. Gold Coast will be the best place to search for qualified plumbers.

5. Who Will Do The Job? – In certain cases, contractors may send one or two plumbers on site to do the task. Sometimes, even more plumbers are sent for bigger tasks. Although this won’t matter if you’re paying a flat rate, but it will be costly if you’re going to pay extra for every other individual involved in the project. If the plumber fails to give you such information, you should be looking elsewhere.

6. What About Aftercare And Insurance? – There will be some mess after the work has been done by the plumber. Gold Coast plumbers offer some of the best insurance and deals around. Be sure to ask the contractor about who will take care of the mess made during repairs and insurance if in case anything breaks during the job.

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