Basic Instructions On Drying Shower Casts

Here is a short written demonstration for interested readers. These are just basic instructions on keeping casts dry. These casts apply specifically to the shower sleeve. It is a unique development that has been designed to promote ease of use and efficiency of purpose. The modus operandus is to keep the cast dry. It is just the simple matter of hanging up the shower shield and its rubber strap to dry after it has been used.

All you need to do is the following. After the shower shield has been placed over its protected area, you need to firmly pull out all your excess plastic. Thereafter you hold the plastic firmly against your leg or arm just with your finger. You do this whilst wrapping with the excess plastic. Then you fold the excess plastic over neatly. And then you hold it against your leg or arm. And after that you pull the strap comfortably around your entire leg or arm.

You do not, however, twist the strap. And then you fasten the white tab to the strap. After that, you will attach one end of the rubber sealer to the strap. This is done so that the rubber is applied in equal measure to plastic and skin. The rubber sealer is wrapped around the leg or arm by applying a little stretch to ensure that a good seal can be produced. Continue to wrap and stretch the sealer until all is used.

keeping casts dry

And after that you press down the end tab in order to lock everything in place. But do not tighten the shower shield too tightly otherwise you will be restricting circulation to the arm or leg. Also, be wary of slippery surfaces, and always exercise care when using this unique shower shield.