Tips To Fit All Your Stuff In A Small Apartment

One of the many chores that many people hate the most is decluttering. It is a chore that we need to do while living in a small apartment. When we take on this task, we often want to get rid of all the things that we do not need but we still end up keeping a bunch of stuff in a tiny apartment. Therefore, here are some tips to store your things without having to add to your home’s existing clutter.

Hang Things Using Hooks

Those who are renting an apartment would not want to make a lot of permanent changes to their home. So, if you need to put something on your walls, you always have the option to use command hooks. They allow you to hang things without having to create unnecessary holes in the wall. Command hooks can transform any wall into a storage space and they can be removed easily if it is time for you to move out. You can use them to hang your coats, bags, hats, and much more. Doing so will help you save a lot of space in your closet.

Bed Risers

You should also make use of the space under your bed if you need more storage space at home. It is one spot that could keep some of the things that you do not use often. If you want to get more space out of it, you can use bed risers to add a few inches underneath. You may need some help lifting the bed frame once you decide to put the bed risers in place. After that, you can place storage boxes or bigger bins for the items that you wish to store and hide.

Shoe Organizers Over Doors

Another part of the apartment that you can use as a storage space are your doors. You can hang shoe organizers and use it to store things other than your shoes. You can use them for your bathroom supplies, cables, and much more. You can also get more storage space by hanging a shoe organizer on one side of the door and door hooks on the other side for other items.

Tension Rods

You can add more tension rods in your closet so you can hang more clothes or other items that are light in weight. However, make sure that you still have enough space for you to do that. You can also do this in other cabinets. For instance, you can use these tension rods to organize your cleaning bottles inside the cabinet under the sink.


Another great option is to add shelves on your wall. However, if you are renting an apartment, you might have to seek the approval of your landlord. There are pros and cons to building shelves so make sure that you think about it carefully before proceeding with the project. It works best on walls separating your dining room and your kitchen.

Slide Out Shelf

You can also make use of the little space between the wall and your refrigerator. You can build a slide-out shelf unit that you can use to store kitchen or cooking essentials. You may also use it for canned goods, spices, and other non-perishable items. You can simply slide the shelf before and after you use it.

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